Pome Fruit Trial

In a GEP trial in Italy Blossom Protect™ (former name Boni Protect) was applied 4 times to Abate Fetel pears beginning 5 weeks before harvest. Incidence of brown spot (Stemphylium vesicarium) was evaluated at harvest and 20% of the untreated pears showed symptoms. Blossom Protect™ significantly reduced brown spot (efficacy 43%) and was comparable to the reference treatment using a strategy of different fungicides.

Healthy fruit were stored and evaluated for symptoms of storage rots after 5 months of cold storage and after two weeks under shelf life conditions. 25% of the untreated pears showed symptoms of storage rots, mainly Alternaria and Monilia. Preharvest applications of Blossom Protect™ significantly reduced storage rots (efficacy 44%) to the same extend as four applications with chemical fungicides. Blossom Protect™ do not cause chemical residues, whereas three different active ingredients were used in the reference treatment, which will cause detectable residues.