bio-ferm Fire Blight Risk Assessment

The bio-ferm fire blight risk assessment is based on the forecast model Marybyt®. The epiphytic infection potential (EIP) of the fire blight pathogen necessary for the infection of apple or pear blossoms is calculated.

When EIP reaches 100%, fire blight infections are probable. This calculation is only based on the temperature. Therefore, according to the weather situation more potential infection days will be entered than with the original program. Basically, the calculation is based on long lasting experienced data. The measurement accuracy of the entered temperature data is essential. Despite this the risk assessment is only an unaccommodating assistance and no warranty or liability could be or will be taken for the appearance or the absence of fire blight infections at all. The use or the risk assessment occurs exclusively on the risk of the user.

How to

  1. Choose day
  2. Edit daily min/max temperature
  3. Enter the min/max temperatures for the following days pursuant to the weather forecast
  4. Replace forecasted data every day by measured values if possible
  5. Read off application days (=orange) and apply Blossom Protect™ properly
  6. Enter day of application (=green)

If possible, enter measured data, otherwise according to the local weather forecast. Recommendations for the proper use of Blossom Protect™ and further information under Blossom Protect™.

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Fire Blight Hotline: +43 (0) 2782 803 803 in Austria, +49 (0) 160 701 1331 in Germany and others